Kieren Bong


Dr.Bong is an internationally recognized key opinion leader and a passionate academic in cosmetic dermatology. As a clinical lecturer at one of Norway's most prestigious universities, Dr Bong travels to Oslo several times each academic year to deliver his lectures and carry out hands-on practical training sessions. In addition to his clinical duties, he heads the Botox and Dermal Fillers faculties of Senzie Academy. He sits on their examination board for the Masters Degree equivalent of a Postgraduate Diploma in Cosmetic Dermatology. Dr Bong is one of Europe's top cosmetic doctors, and patients have flown in from Canada, Germany, and Norway for his unique touch and skills.

Such is his passion for delivering natural and age-appropriate results for his patients, he has developed – and trademarked - numerous advanced techniques which have earned him an international reputation.

Dr Bong has a natural talent for understanding the shape and structure of the face. His impressive credentials, meticulous attention to detail, and a deep understanding of the intricacies of facial features mean you are in the safest hands. He is a well-recognized expert cosmetic doctor for celebrities, soap stars, TV presenters, West-end performers, footballers' wives, and many more. Dr. Bong prides himself on his innovative approach to advanced non-surgical facial treatments. He is well known for his unique methods of achieving beautiful yet natural results with minimal pain and downtime.

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