Eyal Gur

Plastic Surgeon, Israel


Prof.  Eyal Gur iscurrently chief of the plastic surgery department of The Tel Aviv SouraskyMedical Center and the past president of the Israeli Society of plastic andaesthetic surgery.

His graduated from The Sackler Medical School at The TelAviv University in 1990. He had his 6 years of Plastic Surgery training at TheTel Aviv Medical Center  followed by a  2 year fellowship in The University ofToronto (1995 -1997) where  he havesub-specialized in Pediatric plastic Surgery and Microsurgery.

Back in 1998 Dr Gur established The Microsurgery Unit ofthe Medical Center, a unit that operates today on about 4 patients per week andspecializes in Head & Neck Oncology, Orthopedic Oncology, Breastreconstruction, Orthopedic trauma reconstruction and Facial Paralysisreconstruction.

Prof. Gur established the multidisciplinary cleft lip andpalate team of the center that functions for the last 16 years and coordinatesthe care of most of those patients in the country. He also lead the school ofcontinuing medical education in Plastic surgery for 5 years, He currently a professorof surgery in the Tel Aviv University.

Prof. Gur main field of clinical research is the field offacial paralysis and breast reconstruction and his basic science focus today isin the field of CTA – composite tissue allo-transplantation and attenuation ofrejection mechanism through stem cell action and mixed-chimerism. Hislaboratory also investigates peripheral nerve regeneration and new advances in wholeorgan cryopreservation and replantation.

Prof. Gur published 7 chapters in professional books, 92 papersin the plastic surgery main peer review journals, 30 review articles and he isinvited to present his studies and experience in national and internationalconferences.

Prof. Gur also runs a busy aesthetic surgery practicethat mainly focuses on facial aesthetic surgery.

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