Wednesday June 5 – 13:00-13:45

LUNCH AND LEARN MASTER CLASS: 3D Facial anatomy for excellence in PDO threading and other procedures – Supported by an educational grant from N-FindersHee-Jin Kim

Thursday June 6 – 12:30-13:15

Room A1: Sponsored workshop
Allergan – Structural shaping with Juvéderm® VOLUX: Introducing a new injectable to sculpt the chin and jaw – Marva Safa

Room C1 – C4: Sponsored workshop
Polytech – In the current breast implant climate are we doing the best for our patients?
Moderator – Ernst Magnus Noah
What drives consultation today and why I see the need for multiple breast implant surfaces – Roy de Vita
My addiction to Microthane breast implants and why this implant is crucial in breast surgery – Mario Pelle Ceravolo
A clear value proposition: The light-weight breast solution – Patrick Mallucci 

Room 24 + 25: Sponsored workshop
IBSA – Aliaxin – The Holistic Approach to Facial Volumetric Restoration & Profhilo – Hybrid Cooperative Complex HA: Integrative,
Evidence-based Solution for Multi-Level Tissue Remodeling – Shina Kamran Hagh

Thursday June 6 – 18:00-18:45

Room A1: Sponsored workshop
Zo Skin Health – Uphold the standard of excellence and simplify skin health to deliver exceptional results – Michael Zangani

Friday June 7 – 12:55-13:15

Balcony: Meet the experts
Dermapen – Microneedling & Infusions; A standalone, or combined with any aesthetic treatment – Andrew Christie

Friday June 7 – 13:15-14:00

Room A1: Sponsored workshop
Galderma – Lower face –Higher standard – Juan Sopena

Room C1 – C4: Sponsored workshop
Establishment Labs – Evolution of Breast Surgery
Moderators: Michael Scheflan and Per Hedén

Evolution comes from Science
How SilkSurface® Works at Cell Level – Ardeshir Bayat
The immunology of Capsular Fibrosis – Dolores Wolfram-Raunicher
Particulate Shedding and the Triggering of Chronic Inflammation – Nadim Hallab

Evolution means adaptability
Panelists: Giovanni Botti, Paolo Montemurro, Tim Papadopoulos, Daniel del Vecchio, Dennis Hammond and Marcos Sforza.

Room 24 + 25: Sponsored workshop
MediNordic Aesthetics ApS – RF cannula in facial rejuvenation – results comparative to surgical outcomes but no scars – Pier Paolo Rovatti

Saturday June 8 – 12:45-13:30

Room A1: Sponsored workshop
Allergan – Adipose tissue: Key considerations in its addition and reduction – Ulf Samuelson and Ramón Llull

Room C1 – C4: Sponsored workshop
miraDry – miraDry and Millennials – Jennifer Harrington

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