Preliminary program BTS 2018


Program may be subject to change.


AI (artificial intelligence) and it influence on the future of medicine (Keynote)

Documentation of results- how to improve the generally poor quality of photography

Bacterial resistance – a growing and huge risk in medicine. What can we do to avoid and handle it?

The midface – non-surgical and surgical treatments. Fat compartments and malar festoons

When non-surgical and when surgical nasal reshaping. Pros cons, risks and treatment techniques.

The eyebrow- limitations of non-surgical treatment VS surgical approaches

The BTS cup US against Europe (2 surgeons and 2 dermatologists from each continent compete)

Business management and the place for cosmeceuticals ant anti-ageing therapies in future aesthetic medicine

The technological revolution and how to select and integrate new techniques in your aesthetic practice



Preliminary program BTS 2018


Program may be subject to change.


Facial aesthetic procedures


The neck (including video demonstration)

Treating the neck without doing a facelift – limitations and techniques

Anatomical variability – fat compartments, submandibular gland and skin and muscle

Removing and adding fat – when and how


Facial fat grafting (including video demonstration)

The place for different type of fat grafts

Fat a new paradigm in how we treat eyelids

The periorbit important for rejuvenation of the eyelids


The lateral cantus (including video demonstration)

When to and when not to do a cantopexy

Cantopexy or cantplasty – technical considerations

Stabilising the cantus with orbicularis muscle sling


The midface teartrough and lid cheek junction


Aesthetic breast procedures


Fat grafting of the female breast

The hybrid breast – indications

Fat-grafting to eliminate the shape limitations of round implants

Fat harvesting and injection techniques when combined with implants

Fat grafting of the female breast without implants – when and how?


Implant and breast tissue descent

How long do patient need external support garments

Internal implant support with ADM

Internal implant support with mesh

Breast tissue support with mesh

Light weight implant benefits – do they reduce pain postoperatively?


The past present and future of breast implants

What do the data tell us about how implant has behaved in the past?

Present challenges with breast implants including update on BIA -ALCL

Our future breast implants – what is in the pipeline




Preliminary program BTS 2018


Program may be subject to change.


Anatomical consideration

For laser treatments

For facial fillers

For botulinum toxin injections

For non-surgical fat removal


Nasal reshaping without surgery

Instead of before or after surgery

A high risk procedure – how to minimise problems

Analysis and communication

Treatment possibilities and limitations



How to integrate in an aesthetic practice

What is documented to work and what is not

What are the ingredients that hydrate, stimulate collagen production, exfoliate, reduce pigmentation and rhytids


Facial fillers

Different characteristics and behaviour relating to cohesivity, crosslinking, firmness, elasticity and

chain length

How to deal with granulomas and inflammatory reactions

What is the possible future development of facial fillers

Signs of contamination and biofilm formation – how to diagnose and to treat


Preliminary program BTS 2018


Program may be subject to change.


Continuation – Aesthetic breast procedures


Difficult breast augmentation cases

How do I analyse and treat this ptotic breast

How would I deal with this patient with severe unilateral capsular contracture?

How would I take care of this patient with tuberous breast deformity?

How would I take care of this psychologically difficult patient?

How would I treat this patient with implant malposition?

How do I analyse and treat this tuberous breast deformity

How do I deal with this recurrently swollen breast with seroma formation

How do I deal with this hard breast after tumor resection and irradiation

How do I analyse and deal with this animation deformity after breast augmentation

How do I treat this double bubble deformity


The implant surface

Why have I changed from macrotextured to smooth implants?

Why do I continue to use macrotextured implants – do not fear the shaped implants?

Why do I prefer polyurethane coverd implants?

The biological response to different implant surface


Body contouring surgery


Evolution of liposuction – from tradition SAL to High definition liposuction

SAFE –lipo how to reduce complications after liposuction and treat a wider range of patients

The learning curve for High Definition Liposuction – experiences from 300 consecutives cases

Large volume fat grafting – risks and technique

Buttock rejuvenation – implants, lifting or fatgrafting alone or in combination

Preliminary program BTS 2018


Program may be subject to change.


The periorbit and midface

The complex diagnosis and selection of treatment

The zygomatic and orbicularis retaining ligaments and their relation to iatrogenous malar mounds

HA treatment of the teartrough area – when and when not to treat

How to combine different non-surgical treatment modalities (laser, toxins filler etc) in the periorbit.


Blindness after HA injections

A literature review- a large number of cases

Mechanism and how to minimize the risk

Suggested treatment


Energy based devices (EBD)

Newer generations of IPL –the treatment spectrum

Fractionated and ablative CO2 laser – treatment indications, differences in effects healing

Hypo and hyperpigmentation after laser treatment – high risk patients, how frequent, how to avoid and treat

Tattoo removal. Laser treatment – state of the art and practical treatment guidelines


Vascular lesions – treatment alternatives in the 21st century

Varicous, reticular and spider veins – how to select treatment

Periorbital veins treatment options

Perinasal vessels after Rosaea – the optimal treatment


Non-surgical fat reduction

Cryolipolysis vs injections limitations on treatment effects

Do focus ultra sound still have a place

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