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Raj Acquilla, UK
William Adams, USA
Eric Bernstein, USA
Giovanni Botti, Italy
Jay Burns, USA
Mario Pelle Ceravolo, Italy
Daniel del Vecchio, USA
Athina Giannopoulou, Grecce
Elena Goltsova , Russia
Alain Fogli, France
Dennis Hammond, USA
Per Hedén, Sweden
Dennis von Heimburg, Germany
Dalvi Humzah , UK
Martina Kerscher , Germany
Roger Khouri, USA
Timothy Marten, USA
Christoph Martschin, Sweden
Patricia Ogilvie , Germany
François Petit, France
Constantin Stan , Romania
Hema Sundaram , USA
Jonathan Sykes, USA
Patrick Tonnard, Belgium

Preliminary program BTS 2018

Wednesday June 6, pre-congress course incl. prerecorded sessions

This day will include many different highly interesting cases. Surgery will be transmitted live from the operating rooms in Akademikliniken and include varying procedures in the breast, body and face demonstrating the lasts surgical techniques. In parallel there will be a live transmission of injection cases using both filters, toxins and fat dissolving products as well as Cryo-lipolysis.

You are able to register to the pre-congress course at the same time as you will register to the Beauty through Science Congress 2018.