General Information

Abstract are required to be submitted electronically. Please read ALL instructions before preparing your submission.


All Poster presenters must be registered as a BTS participant to present.


Deadline abstract submission:  Sunday, 15 April, 2018!

Before you start submitting your abstract, please make sure that you have access to the following information in order to complete the submission properly:

– Your name, e-mail address, correct name of your affiliation

– Name, e-mail address, correct name of affiliation for co-author(s) if any




Aesthetic Dermatology



Breast surgery

Business management

Buttock augmentation


Dermal filler treatment

Energy-Based Devices

Facial aesthetic surgery

Fat transplantation



Neurotoxine treatment

Peelings, mesotherapy & anti-aging

Regenerative medicine

Thigh lifting


Presentation method

Posters only 



All contributions must be written in English 


Formatting Instructions

Please follow the instructions on how to submit your abstract as a PDF/Word file (with complete incorporated pictures).

  • Please type manuscripts using Arial A4 paper following the below instructions.
  • The margins are 20 mm on the top, 15 mm on the left and the right and 24 mm for the bottom.
  • The font to be used is Arial and the font size is 11 pt. The font for the title is 13 pt bold. The font for headlines (e.g. Conclusion, Introduction, etc.) is 11 pt bold.
  • Please ensure good quality for the pictures, tables and diagrams. All graphics can be in color.
  • Please type left-aligned.
  • Please make sure that spelling and grammar are correct.

Guidelines for Producing your Abstract

The following general outline should be used as a guide for organizing your abstract.

Please note that only the submissions that fulfill following requirements will be accepted for assessment

1. Title of the paper
Maximum 200 characters (including blanks)

 2Author(s) name(s), affiliation(s), countries

 3. Abstract text divided into following sections:
a. Introduction/Background Objective(s)/Method(s) c. Result(s) d. Conclusion(s)
Maximum 2000 characters (including blanks and references).

 4. References (optional)
References are not mandatory. They will be included in the overall count of maximum 2000 characters.

 5. Table(s) (optional)
Two tables can be inserted under Result(s). Global maximum 10 rows and 10 columns.
The characters in the table(s) should be included in the overall count of the abstract text.

 6. Image (optional)
One image can be inserted.

Minimum Maximum
Width 50 pixels 300 pixels
Height 50 pixels 300 pixels
Size 35 KB 1’000 KB
Resolution 96 dpi 300 dpi


 7. References (optional)
References are not mandatory. They have to be included in the overall count of maximum 2000 characters.

 8. Disclosure of intrest
Please state if there is none to declare.

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