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bo-esthetics-logol bo esthetics engages in exclusive distribution and sales of cosmedical technology. bo esthetics looks at cosmetic care from a medical perspective and seeks products whose effects are beyond dispute and published in leading medical journals. After years of succesful business in the Benelux, bo esthetics is now expanding to Scandinavia with breakthrough devices and products for dermatologists and plastic surgeons. The portfolio consists of products for the detection and treatment of skin cancer and products for esthetics. The company is known for novel products like Iovera (the non-toxic treatment for dynamic wrinkles), Platelet-Rich-Plasma (PRP for facial rejuvenation), Stylage (HA with antioxidant) and for our Dual Yellow copper-bromide laser (for the treatment of vascular and pigmented lesions. It is our first time at BTS, we are really excited, and look forward to welcome you in our booth nr 1! 1
Jan Marini Skin Research (JMSR) is a leading manufacturer of skin care and aesthetic products for the professional marketplace and is distributed in Sweden exclusively by JMSR Europe Ltd. JMSR is known for creating breakthrough product solutions and dramatic technological advancements. Over the years, the company has established a portfolio of proprietary formulas that reflect its on-going commitment to be the preeminent developer of skin care products in the professional marketplace. JMSR products and its award-winning Skin Care Management System are used and trusted by physicians and skin care professionals worldwide to ensure optimum results for their patients and clients. 2
Lighthouse Medical AB is specialized in marketing of medical products. Our main supplier is the German manufacturer human med® which advanced aesthetic products are the new wave in lipoplasty and autologous fat transfer. Unlike traditional liposuction methods, the body-jet® uses the gentle power of water-jet assisted lipoplasty (WAL). The procedure is safe, effective and easy, offering outstanding results with minimal risk, significantly shorter procedure times, and less discomfort and recovery time for the patients. 3
Silhouette Lift, based in Irvine, CA, manufactures and develops the SIlhouette Sutures, a technology with cones.The Lift sutures are dedicated for non invasive surgery, for midface, neck, buttock and the New Silhouette Soft are used for skin tightening in aesthetic medicine, for face, brow, neck and body…These products received the CE crtifications and the FDA for the Lift. They are distributed in more then 52 countries.”
STYLAGE is now one of the leading brands in Europe that has achieved success without consumer marketing, but through experience and peer group recommendation.STYLAGE by French Laboratoires Vivacy has today the largest range worldwide with 13 dermal fillers available also with lidocaine. Practitioners experience a breakthrough injection technique with Stylage by its many different fillers and strengths in HA.STYLAGE uses a patented interpenetrated cross-linked network (IPN-Like technology) manufacturing process, which requires less chemical interference. The addition of mannitol to act against free radicals gives less swelling, less redness and provides optimal resistance to degradation.Now introducing DESIRIAL, the first worldwide CE marked HA based product for genital area aesthetic and functional treatment. 5
Stille AB is since more than 170 years a manufacturer of handcrafted, forged surgical instruments for all fields of open surgery, with a special emphasis reconstructive and aesthetic plastic surgery. Our instruments feature delicate design, industry-leading durability and a unique feel, which has made Stille a well-known and highly respected supplier by surgeons throughout the world. In the Swedish market we are also the distributor of breast implants from Polytech Health & Aesthetics. 6
Covidien is a leading global healthcare products company that creates innovative medical solutions for better patient outcomes and delivers value through clinical leadership and excellence. Covidien manufactures, distributes and services a diverse range of industry-leading product lines in three segments: Medical Devices, Pharmaceuticals and Medical Supplies. Covidien has 41,000 employees worldwide in more than 65 countries, and its products are sold in over 140 countries. Please visit: www.covidien.com to learn more about our business. 7
Cytori® is a medical technology leader enabling advances in autologous fat grafting and Adipose-Derived Regenerative Cell (ADRC) therapies. Our scientific data suggest ADRCs improve blood flow and moderate the immune response to keep tissue at risk of dying alive. The Cytori product portfolio facilitates therapies for aesthetic surgery and ischemic conditions. Cytori ADRCs are made available at the point-of-care with the Celution® System. Puregraft® provides a standardized process to improve fat grafting outcomes. The StemSource® Cell and Tissue Banks facilitate new options for aesthetics and reconstruction by offering a GTP-compliant process for serial fat grafting without serial liposuction, while maintaining consistent, reliable recovery of viable tissue. 8
In an era when cosmetic surgery gains a continuously wider acceptance we wish to provide the best there is in the field of products for minimally invasive methods. We are proud to represent companies with an excellent reputation and strong brands such as Body Tite, Cloverleaf Medical, QuantifiCare and Silimed.As a natural complement to surgical methodes we can offer products for advanced skin care from manufacturers such as Agera Skincare and Derma Genesis – manufactures who share our view on quality and scientifically proven results. 9 & LED 4
Orion is a globally operating Finnish company developing pharmaceuticals and diagnostic tests – a builder of well-being. Orion develops, manufactures and markets human and veterinary pharmaceuticals, active pharmaceutical ingredients and diagnostic tests. The company is continuously developing new drugs and treatment methods. Pharmaceutical R&D focuses on central nervous system drugs, oncology and critical care drugs, and Easyhaler® pulmonary drugs. Orion and Merz Pharmaceuticals (Germany) have a partnership agreement on the marketing in Scandinavia of Merz Aesthetic portfolio including Radiesse® and Bocouture® 10
Canfield Scientific Canfield Imaging Systems is the world’s leading developer of specialized photographic systems for medical practices, institutions, research organizations and pharmaceutical suppliers.Products include VECTRA® 3D systems for volumetric data and surgical simulation, VISIA® Complexion Analysis System for skin care professionals, Mirror® medical imaging software, Reveal® facial imagers, IntelliStudio® photo studio systems, VEOS dermatoscopes and a widerange of customized clinical photography solutions. Canfield Imaging Systems is a division of Canfield Scientific, Inc., the largest provider of photographic documentation resources and services for pharmaceutical research. 11
Galderma develops, manufactures and markets solutions for aesthetic and corrective treatments, Rx and OTC. Galderma is a pharmaceutical company specialized in dermatology with nearly 4 000 employees and present in more than 70 countries. The Galderma Aesthetic and Corrective division offers a complete worldwide portfolio in the aesthetic field including the brands Restylane, Restylane Skinboosters, Restylane skincare, Emervel, Azzalure and Macrolane. The site in Uppsala, Sweden, is Galderma’s Global Aesthetic Center of Excellence with nearly 400 employees as well as world-class research and manufacturing.Part of the Aesthetic and Corrective Galderma´s portfolio is based on two patented technologies, NASHA™ and OBT for the production of firm and soft hyaluronic acid gels. 12-13
Mentor Worldwide LLC is a leading supplier of medical products for the global aesthetic medicine market. Mentor develops, manufactures and markets innovative, science-based products for aesthetics markets around the world. Our commitment to the surgeons and patients who use our products is to provide the highest standard of quality, proven safe and effective clinical outcomes and differentiated service, everyday. This is at the core of who we are as the leader in breast aesthetics, built upon our 50 year dedication and our long term commitment to advance plastic surgery to restore body and life.. 14-16
allergan-logo-2 Allergan is a multi-specialty health care company established more than 60 years ago with a commitment to uncover the best science and deliver innovative treatments. Allergan develops and commercializes products in eye care, neurosciences, obesity, urologics and medical aesthetics that help millions of patients see more clearly, move more freely and express themselves more fully. 17-20
Tulip Medical Tulip’s CellFriendly instruments are truly Fat-Friendly. Our patented premium reusable instruments – and our new premium single-use instruments – are designed to gently harvest and transfer cells without clogging. Top rejuvenation and regenerative professionals around the world recommend Tulip – Simply the Best. 21
LifeCell™ Tissue Matrix product, Strattice™ Reconstructive Tissue Matrix, offers a range of benefits to surgeons and their patients for hernia repair, breast reconstruction, and breast plastic surgery revision procedures 22
The Quill™ Knotless Tissue-Closure Device represents a revolutionary technology in wound closure made possible by bidirectional fixation within the wound. Its patented design allows the surgeon to do things they could previously not do with traditional sutures.
Barbs within the Quill™ device distribute tension across the entire length of the wound or tissue being approximated, and eliminate the need for interrupted suture or tying knots. The unique bidirectional barb design of the Quill™ device allows two surgeons to work on one wound at the same time which may increase operating time efficiency.
It´s about timeSM
Metodikas Skalpell® is the only Enterprise Practice Management (EPM) system, specialized for Plastic Surgery clinics and Hospitals.Skalpell covers the whole care process from first patient contact to follow up, including Quality module, EMR, and CRM Sales Support. The solution has been developed togheter with Akademkliniken in collaboration with Mr. Per Hedén for the last 18 years.Mr. Hedén claims that knife time has been increased by 70% since implementing Skalpell. At present almost 200 clinics in 11 countries, using 9 different languages use Skalpell. Many of our clients have multi locations and several are in more then one country.How time is managed is the most important factor when striving to enhance operations of Your clinic.Visit our stand and for an open discussion about how we can contribute to the enhancement of your clinic

ak-logo Akademikliniken is one of the world’s leading private clinic for aesthetic and reconstructive plastic surgery, represented in Sweden, Denmark, Norway, Ireland and UK. The clinic was founded in Stockholm, Sweden in 1991 and performs yearly more than 30 000 aesthetic procedures. Our motto is “Beauty through Science” and Akademikliniken strives to lead the development in the aesthetic field through research, trainings and the yearly Beauty through Science seminar. In addition to plastic surgery, Akademikliniken offers a wide range of non-surgical procedures such as injections with fillers and botulinum toxin as well as medical skincare. Aesthetic dentistry is also a part of the clinic as well as the company’s own line of advanced skincare products. For more information please visit www.ak.se or www.ak.co.uk. Follow us on Facebook/Akademikliniken and Instagram/akademiklinikensverige. 27

Novus Scientific is an innovator in the development and commercialization of resorbable synthetic medical devices. Headquarters and the core functions are in Uppsala, Sweden. The US division is headquartered in San Diego, CA.TIGR® Matrix Surgical Mesh (www.tigrmatrix.com) is a degradable surgical matrix made from synthetic resorbable polymers intended to support and reinforce soft tissue for 6-9 months, and absorb completely after 3 years. The product is used globally for tissue reinforcement in general- and plastic surgery. TIGR® Matrix is CE marked (2011) and has been cleared for marketing by the US FDA (2010). LED 1
Marina Medical Instruments, Inc. is your choice for specialized German and US produced Plastic Surgery Surgical instruments.
Please call or stop by the stand for further information. QMP publishes high quality, award-winning publications in plastic surgery. Check out our new and best selling titles: Facial Topography by Drs. Pessa & Rohrich; The Art of Gluteal Sculpting by Dr. Constantino Mendieta; The Art of Aesthetic Surgery, 2nd Edition by Dr. Foad Nahai; Aesthetic Breast Surgery by Dr. Elizabeth Hall-Findlay; Fat Injection by Drs. Coleman & Mazzola; Eyelid & Periorbital Surgery by Drs. McCord & Codner.

minerva-logo Minerva KG is an International Distributor and Publisher, specialised in Aesthetic & Plastic Surgery Literature. We have on our stand, some of the renowned authors like Dr. Giovanni Botti and Dr. Mario Pelle Ceravolo; Midface and Neck Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, Aesthetic Mammaplasties, Practical Atlas of Plastic Surgery; Dr. Egle Muti: The Tuberous Breast; Dr. Pietro Berrino: Operative Strategies in Breast Plastic Surgery; Prof. Peter C. Neligan; Plastic Surgery in 6 volumes; and a lot more. Stop by our stand LED 3, at the main entrance to your right and we´ll gladly assist you, bringing you up to date on the latest in Aesthetic & Plastic Surgery Literature. LED 3